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Let's Cook At Home

Customer Comments

I have really enjoyed making meals from the kits. I have also found that leftovers freeze really well (there are only 2 of us) and are equally, if not more, delicious than when eaten fresh. That said, the freshness of the just-made dishes is what makes them special too. I'll be ordering more soon.

Cynthia, Norfolk

Met Don several years ago and have been buying his curries ever since as they are far superior to anything else on the market. Our favourite is the Madras, although the others are also superb (have tried them all), but the mango chutney is to die for, there is no other on the market that compares!!!

Brigitte, Norfolk

Met the Bhaji Man at Suffolk Food Hall just outside Ipswich. Tried the sample and bought packets of Spiced Lentils and two chicken curries. Cooked for the first tome and the result is outstanding. It takes a satisfying commitment and around an hour for the combination I chose but it's worth it. An explosion of different spices all in harmony accompany the meal from beginning to end. Find out where he is going next- a charming man who does indeed have a passion for good taste. Don Lear is a self-made man who founded successful motor dealerships and now applies business acumen and a love of cooking and Eastern cuisine which we can all enjoy I'll be visiting Suffolk Food Hall again to stock up with more tastes if India.

Michael Daly, Maidenhead

I I met these guys at the Holkham show and was mighty impressed with the samples they were giving out. Anyway tonight I cooked the Chicken Tikka masala and it was a great success. The spices did their magic and it was really tasty. If I was served this in a restaurant I would be very happy. The only thing I changed was the amount of cooking oil used. I had to tip some out but that was minor. Looking forward to trying some of the other recipes. I will definitely be ordering more. Paul

Paul, Norfolk

I absolutely love your product. My only suggestion or wish is that there was an alternative to the packaging so the postage was not so high. If you have flat packaging the product would still be the same, and the postage reasonable as it would fit in an envelope.

Margaret, Canada

I purchased your Bhaji Man Onion Bhaji Spice Mix from Larners in Holt this summer during a visit in August 2015. I experimented it on my friends during our Sardinian holiday in September. What a success! I've used onion bhaji mixes before but they were no way as good as yours!!!! I'm going to order some more on-line, in the hope that you are in a position to ship to Italy.

Antoinette Mary Lincoln, Bologna, Italy

Attended the food fair at Holkham Hall today and came home with Bhajis and Pakoras. Just ate them for Supper and could not believe the flavours. Now looking to purchase other products.

Tony Hadley, Blakeney

We discovered Don at the food festival at Henham earlier this year and bought a few bits. The meals they made were completely different to anything from the takeaway. I'm just making my BhajiMan repeat order right now. The onion bhajis are the best. Everything tastes fresh and delicious.

Cynthia, Chedgrave, Norfolk

I was introduced to The Bhajiman spice kits through my dad, Brian Box. He has a kitchen cupboard full of them and regularly expresses his pleasure in cooking these dishes so I thought it only polite to try them for myself. The first I tried was Mummy's Chicken Curry......wow! absolutely fantastic! The instructions are so easy to follow so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to the most nervous of chefs. Now on to my next experiment ....onion bhajis!

Sarah Tinnirello, Broxbourne, Herts

I worked with Bhaji Man a few years ago and it was an absolute pleasure to get up and go to work each day, what a great man he is! Before I had met Don I was a regular at our local curry house on a Friday evening and would order a double portion of onion bhajis each time. Well what can I say? Once you have tasted a Bhaji Man curry you will never go back to take away. I have not once had an Indian take away since, but I have ordered some of those “irresistible” onion bhajis I so used to love. I sat down to eat them and strait away I could feel how heavy & dense they were; the first bite was horrendous, the second was even worse. NEVER AGAIN! I have well and truly learnt my lesson and I will not be sneaking any of that junk food again, unless I plan on being heavily disappointed. Bhaji mans curry kits are so simple and easy to use. There is nothing better than a truly authentic Indian dish! I would highly recommend these spice kits and definitely advise everyone to grab a sachet of onion bhaji and pakora mix too! Don Lear, It was an absolute pleasure working for you and thank you for showing me how to cook and truly enjoy my Indian meals, Those nasty take away menus have been put strait in the bin!

Zoe King, Watton, Norfolk

after meeting the bhaji man in tescos a couple of weeks ago. i have just made a fantastic jalfrezi and bombay potatoes,very good indeed.fed up with paying for expensive,disappointing take aways. will definitely cook this again and try more.

Chris & Michelle, Norwich

We tried the Bhaji Man Chicken Jalfrezi last night and absolutely fell in love with the idea of these home cooking kits. There is such a difference in taste between buying a curry sauce jar in the supermarket and these curry kits. I loved the whole experience from buying fresh ingredients with the help of the "shopping list" on the packet to cooking and tasting this mouth-watering, delicious dish! The flavours were amazing! I love the idea of including fresh spices like whole cardamom pods and cloves. I can't wait to try the onion bhajis next.

Steve & Janina, Stuttgart, Germany

We met Don in Aldeburgh today and after sampling his curry mixes ended up buying one of every single one - these are truly tasty and we're delighted that we can order online when we run out - a fabulous and much more satisfying experience than a takeaway. Thank you Bhaji Man for al the effort you've put into your magic boxes. Customers for life. Sarah and Matt (Harpenden)

Sarah and Matthew, Hertfordshire

These kits are truly amazing. I have never cooked a curry before but the recipes are easy to follow and the meals are the nicest curries I have ever tasted. Such a cleaner taste than a takeaway.

Ryan, Norfolk

The instructions are so easy to follow, and you end up with authentic, delicious Indian food. I made a chicken Jalfrezi which was so simple. But the spice mix made it so delicious. They taste like a 'takeaway' curry, but are so much healthier as you know exactly what is going in! The bhajis are a must. I can see why the Bhaji Man has called himself so, because the bhaji kit makes such delicious results! I have to always have some bhaji mix in the cupboard- curries aren't the same without them now!

Millie Jones, Bristol

These kits are full of beautiful spices that have been carefully selected. Mummys yummy is simply gorgeous. The bhajis are so loved by everyone! And I am literally addicted to the lime chutney. Hope to see you next week at the Aldeburgh food festival!

Jessica Pratten, Cambridge

Congratulations on a fine product. Mummys yummy is exceptional.

Steve, Hemsby

Bhaji mans Onion Baji mix is fantastic , it realy is the best iv ever tasted and i made it myself, if you have not tried this you are missing a trick.

Andrew flintham, Norfolk

Wow, really impressed, we have just tried the chicken madras and am amazed at how they have achieved just the right heat. Lovely subtle flavours. Will definitely be trying other recipes.

Cris Chalk, South Walsham Norfolk

I had never cooked a curry before I picked up The Bhaji Man Lamb Madras Spice Kit and I was expecting it to be a bit of a task . Actually the whole experience was a pleasure; the instructions are clear and simple. The magic formula is there in the box for you. If a kitchen klutz like me can get such beautiful results anyone can! Thankyou Don!

Rob, Norwich

We had some friends over last night and my wife made a Madras with Chicken. The taste was great and not too difficult at all to make. Will definitely be trying some others!

Jason, Norwich

Just tried the prawn curry for first time, the aroma when cooking was amazing. It was the best prawn curry I have had in a long time. Big thumbs up from me xxxx

Tess Lees, Arundel

Tried the 'yummy mummys chicken curry' after sampling several flavours at a loclal food fair. The kit was easy to follow and tasted amazing! I will never use a jar sauce again! I also bought the onion bhaji mix, these were also easy to make and were lovely. Even my son who never eats onions tried them and loved them!

sharon Marshall, norwich

Your amazing xxxx Best home cooked curry's yum yum, have recommended you to my friends too. You clever clever man. Just so yummy

Tess Lees, Arundel

I have cooked the Mummy's Chicken Curry for my family. They all absolutely loved the curry and my step mum said that was the best curry she ever had. I also loved it.. definitely cook the Mummy's chicken curry again. Very happy!

Lucy Taylor, Besthorpe, Norfolk

I met Don at the Chilli Festival @ Felbrigg Hall in August. He persuaded me to relinquish some of my money on his curry kit, and I'am certainly glad I did. We have just had the Chicken Tikka Masala kit. It was Fantastic, 1st class curry. I can not wait for this Friday, Goan Pork Vindaloo Curry. Pass his website around to all your friends and family.

Ady, Gedney

I became an avid fan of the bhaji man and his plethora of products 3 years ago when the bhaji man himself (don) tempted me to buy just by smelling and tasting his different curries at the norwich cathedral Christmas event. The pork vindaloo is a complete revelation, not hot like you expect but beautifully balanced. Another favourite is the thai green curry kit as it is very authentic. A big plus is that you use more affordable cuts of meat which are full of flavour too. What's not to like??

E Malone, Suffolk

I am not a great cook but all my family can't believe how fantastic the curry's are, thank you.

David Carroll, Lincolnshire

Just made the Tikka Massala, can't put into words how good it was!!!

Karen Waller, Norwich

The onion bhaji mix was amazing. We did them for a dinner party and there were ample for 6 people and they were so easy to make. They tasted better than any I've had in a restaurant! The chicken jalfrezi was lovely too. My partner made it and it was spicey but not too overpowering and the house smelt lovely when it was cooking!

Leesa Duff, Royston

Amazing taste and so enjoyable to create yourself. I'm hooked!

Karen Waller, Norwich

Onion bhaji mix is amazing just like a restaurant but better as you know what's in it. So fresh and tasty. Can't wait to try more.

Joanne Gleeson, Norwich

Made my first curry this evening after purchasing at Norfolk show and wow best curry I have ever cooked and it was so easy my family loved it bhaji man for ever now

Margaret Goode, Dunstable Beds

If you cant cook, buy this. If you can cook buy this. No matter you cant go wrong. With out dout the best indian I have ever had. And I have had a few. But most of all I cooked it self! Easy to follow instructions. So have ago your self.

Nigel, Suffolk

Really delicious and easy to cook. You can taste all the spices and seasonings on the dishes. It makes a great excuse to have friends over and enjoy my cooking, with their fantastic comments!! Many thanks Don for introducing me into your food.

Maddy and Steve Omer, Great Hockham Norfolk

Really tasty but not to hot.

Louise and Tony, (The Omer’s house)

Sarah: The Best Thai Green chicken Curry that I have ever had! Chris: It's amazing how this quality of curry can be produced from a small box!

Chris and Sarah, (The Omer’s)

The best Indian I have ever tasted!!! I had the vindalo, Madras and the Thai Green Chicken Curry.

Kevin and Ginny, (The Omer’s)

Best Indian I have had in years!!!

Kevin and Ginny, Watton, Norfolk

All of your mixes are so good that we keep coming back for more. We have enjoyed trying many different dishes and have not been disappointed. Customer service is excellent and delivery of items is always prompt. Many thanks.

Lesley, Lincs

I have just tried Mummy's Pukka Chicken Curry and have to say it is superb. When preparing and cooking this delectable dish the aromas tell you that the meal you are about to serve will not disappoint and it does'nt. I also served this up with Bhaji Man Premium Mango Chutney, another outstanding product. When this curry becomes available generally give it a go.

David Lajara, West Runton Norfolk

Have been using these kits for several years and they are consistantly top quality. The onion bhaji mix is second to known,surperb, looking forward to my next curry!!!

Charlotte Bell, France

I purchased some bhaji man products the other day and they were delivered very promptly after the order, i tried the lamb madras last night and accompanied by the quick mix onion bhajis and i was astonished by the quality and tast, it was even more authentic than indian restraunts and takeways i have been too, i will never buy another onion bhaji from a shop again as these were far superior to anything i have ever tasted, would reccomend this website to anybody who is prepared to be amazed by these quality products, well done bhaji man your products are ace.

G. Ord, Sunderland Tyne & Wear.

The onion bhaji mix 10/10.Lamb Rogan Josh wow stunning will be back for more .thanks

Tony smith, Barnsley southyorkshire

Love, love love the mango chutney. We love it so much we add it to out cheese sandwiches!

Asha Beefnah, Colchester

Wow! So quick and easy to prepare and the taste was just out of this world. I will be recomending this mix to my friends and family.

B. Stacey, Dorset

I have tried various onion Bhaji mixes and ready made bhajis over the years but have never tried one that tastes like it has been freshley cooked in an indian restuarant until now. Amazingly I cooked it myself just using a fresh onion and Bhaji mans fantastic mixture of spices. This really is a great product.

Adrian Finch, Wymondham

I used bhaji man's onion and vegetable mixes to make a couple of side dishes for my family a couple of nights ago for supper. There was an issue though and it was they smelled so delicious while I was cooking them. I ate at least 1/2 of what I made before they had a chance to cool off. Then the savory smell started to fill my home. That is when my family (4 Kids and My wife) came into the kitchen to see what mouth watering food Daddy was cooking. So that night we ate supper standing by the stove top indulging in your delectible products. Thank You Bhaji Man. You and your products got two thumbs up form my family and I.

Samuel Bryan Via, Dyersburg Tennessee USA


Wayne Miller, Eltham London

the onion bhajis I made were lovely..first time too..the neighbours had some as well..too tasty as they were nibbled as soon as they had cooked!!!

Sharon, West Kingsdown Kent

made for the first time for a family get together now ordered for every body excellent well worth a try

lynne simmonds, Essex

What a fantasic curry the Rogan Josh makes and even my Korma loving girlfriend loves it, we've had it twice in the past 3 weeks. We look forward to trying a few other of your mixes soon.

William, London

Try mixing your bahji mix with a cold can of lager it makes the batter even better if that is possible, i have my daughter and family coming for bahji's and chicken pakora soon as i told her the packets had arrived only 48hrs after ordreing them she invited herself and she cant wait, although its a vegatable pakora its brilliant with chicken strips.

Keith Mortimer, Doncaster

Wow, what a fantastic product, when my wife purchased the onion bhaji mix I thought this is going to be another lifeless tasteless product, how wrong I was, this is an excellent bhaji mix. We will definitely be purchasing more of your items. Well done and thank you for doing what it says on the packet...

Paul & Julie Baker, West Mersea Colchester Essex

I got my kits on saturday and tried the lamb rogan josh, onion bhaji and the pakora i could not belive how easy it all was to prepare. and the taste was fantastic. I have to say the lamb was a bit too spicey for me but my husband loved it all, my daughter much to my surprise said my onion bhajis were better than our local indian and that is a compliment. i am looking forward to trying the chicken kits. and will be buying this product again.

Lesley Knight, Saffron Walden

all of your mixtures are delicious especially the onion bhaji's, but i love them all!

Bruce Appleby, Bradfield

Onion Bhaji mix is gorgeous - my 2 year old could not get enough. I am looking forward to trying the Tikka Mix and making a full meal out of it! Thank you. Have you considered creating a Raita Mix - it is something that the supermarkets have not got right!!!!!

Karen Green, Karen Green

when making onion bhaji mix, if there is only two of us for dinner, i fry all of the mix then when cool i open freeze half.Defrost and reheat in oven, the mix becomes more SPICEY!!!Lovely

Sheila Blastock, Ipswich Suffolk

Really Good we eat a lot of Indian food and this really out shines the rest. Thanks….

Mark Facey, Sheringham Norfolk

I went to 'Norfolk Big Eat Show' yesturday, and i got some different idian curry kits, and without doubt they are the nicest indian i have every had. Curry is my favourite meal, and it is the finest curry i have ever had, it was a chicken tikka. I will be purchasing again and recommend everyone to buy these products!

Abigail Morgan, Wymondham College

Picked up a variety of mixes at the Peterborough Christmas show. Made Bhajis today and all loved them from 22 months to 48 years. Off to order more mix. Well done! Looking forward to curry next week.

Clare, Northants

What a fantasic curry the Rogan Josh makes and even my Korma loving girlfriend loves it, we've had it twice in the past 3 weeks. We look forward to trying a few other of your mixes soon.

William, London

We have just cooked the Mummy's Chicken Curry and I have to say it was amazing! With every mouthful there is a different flavour to taste. Very simple to cook and the bonus is you can make it as hot as you like it! We are already planning another dinner party for our friends to enjoy another of Mr Bhajimans excellent range of easy to cook meals, there is really no reason to eat out anymore the food is that good.

Robin, Brandon

My mum uses all the kits and says they are the best way to get the fresh flavours. I love the Rogan Josh best it's really yummy. Thank you.

aged 8 Fox Fraser, Eye

The Chicken Korma curry kit is fantastic. The tastiest Korma we have ever tried and so easy to prepare with the kit and the simple instructions. Our children normally complain if food is even a little spicy but this recipe is so tasty they had clean plates and asked for more! Thank you!

Matt Dobbin, Great Hockham Norfolk

We really went for it and cooked up a real feast for family and friends with onion bhajis for starters followed by several of the curry kits, Bombay Potato, Spiced Dahl and Aloo Gobi. The aromas in the kitchen were fantastic, it was great fun to cook and everyone loved the food - said it tasted better than anything they had ever eaten in a restaurant. What little was left over tasted even better the following day. Well done Bhajiman!

Judy Foster, South Norfolk

We first tried these kits at the Country Fair in Cambridge, where we bought one of each.. Everyone was fantastic.. and we are on the site now to restock!!

Tom Donaghey, Cambridge

I bought a kit on saturday at the Country Fair in Cambridge. I returned on Sunday to buy twelve more (for friends and myself). The Rogan Josh is exceptional; subtle flavours and balance of spices. I'll be returning here soon to order more!

Jim Aitken, Cambridge

what a great product.found you by accident,and bought 3 products,and everything cooked too perfection,ordering more,thanks Don,well pleased,

John and Jacquie Branch, Chelmsford,Essex

Had an excellent dinner party thanks Bhaji Man! I will remember next time not to cut so many chillies without being careful not to burn my fingers. Lemon juice worked a treat in calming it down eventually. Food was excellent though.

Mike, Wymondham

bought just one packet of bhaji mix at barleylands country fair.......what a big mistake!!!!...made them a little time after for the family...nowhere near enough..they only wanted to eat them and begged for more they were so tasty ,better than a takeaway...ordered more to go with the home made curry and making sure there are plenty this time....great product.....

Carl, Rochford Essex

Don,tried ll your products now,and not been disapointed once,all great,keep up the good work , thanks again.

John and Jacquie Branch, Chelmsford,Essex

Bhajiman came to Sri Lanka -The kits are so easy to use that my 12 year old son and nephew helped cook a great meal that everyone loved-

Sharmini R, SLankari

Super easy - and really tasty. It even looked like a professional dish.Recommend to anyone. What a great product.

Rhom R, Dulwich, London

Really enjoyed our Tikka Masala and Lentil Dhal. Wonderful smell and flavours. Can't wait to savour the others we bought. Thanks for ease of cooking.

Macrae J, Gairloch

Red thai curry, Best home cooked curry i have ever eaten, More please!!

Steven Earl, Norwich

Discovered Bhaji Man about 18 months ago, fabulous flavours! We especially love the Rogan Josh and Jalfrezi. I am sure I will be trying the Thai kit soon !

Lynne, Staffordshire

I've been using onion bhaji mixes since I discovered them at Jimmies Farm 4 years ago, my friends and family can't get enough of them!- 'specially now they've been made even better! Tried lots of the other mixes and love them ALL!! Keep up the good work

Rosemary, West wales

I have just ordered some more of your excellent products, having ordered them once before, on the occasion of my brother's wedding. We had the reception at our house and I rashly undertook to provide the food. Thanks to you the day was saved. The curries were a resounding success; one person, a regular traveller to India, went so far as to say his meal was on a par with food he had eaten there. Needless to say, I was obliged to reveal that I was not solely responsible. Since then my stock of your products has been depleted by people asking if they could just try them out! I will now direct them to your v. user-friendly website instead. Thank you very much for your contribution to a most successful wedding day.

Rachel, Fressingfield Nr Eye Suffolk

Your curries are excellent. Far better than the usual run of Indian restaurants. We served two of the curries when we had friends to lunch recently. They enjoyed it so much that I felt obliged to give them some boxes from my store to take home with them – which is why I am ordering again so soon.

Gillian Snoxall, Wallingford

Hi Don,Tried your new Chicken Korma,the taste is fantastic,would recommend,to all,will be trying the other new ones over next couple of weeks,My wife is a big fan,and we both love all your products,Let you know on the sri lankan Prawn keep up the great work

John and Jacquie Branch, Chelmsford,Essex

Hello I just wanted to thank you for your fabulous product. We purchased the Thai Red Curry mix from the Suffolk Show yesterday and have made it tonight. It was absolutely stunning, as good as any restaurant Thai curry I have tasted. I would highly recommend this for a family dinner or even a dinner party. I have since gone on to the website and ordered a number of other dishes, as I am sure they will be equally delicious. I shall update when I have tried them. Thank you Bhajiman

Helen, Hoxne, Eye. Suffolk

Hi Don,tried your Thai Red curry the weekend,was the best we ever tasted,wonderful taste and flavours,will definately buy more,will be trying the Thai green next,and let you know, thanks for great products. John and Jacquie.

John and Jacquie Branch, Chelmsford,Essex

Just a quick note to say a big thank you. The Bhaji Man made my day today! I had a really lovely chat with him whilst sat waiting for a colleague. Such a friendly, pleasant

Tracy Westcott (Shush Marketing), England exhibitionEast Of

served up you Thai green curry this week.wonderful flavours,with rice one day and noodles the next.really great,better than shop bought,and so easy to cook yourself,recomend to all who enjoy a good curry

John and Jacquie Branch, Chelmsford,Essex

The Bhajiman products have literally changed the way we eat curry. They are all amazing and we now have our 3 children age 11,9 and 7 all eating curry. Keep up the great work please.

Phil Groom, Ipswich

We purchased some of your boxes at Heveningham Hall recently. Tonight we had rogan josh and your onion bhajis, delicious!! We want more. Thankyou

Raymond Collier, Norfolk

My wife and I bought one of eatch of these kits at Helmingham Hall food and drink fair and they are amazing. I never thought it would be possible for me to cook authentic Indian food but with these kits its simple and they are just the best curry's ever. Particularly loved the Jalfrezi and Vindaloo. Im here today to buy more and will always buy these kits. Brilliant idea and brilliant food, thanks Bhaji man

Andrew Broomfield, Suffolk

Don, curries made with your kits are definitely the best we've ever tasted. Such exquisite flavours. Our children, who always complain about the slightest bit of onion in anything, absolutely love the onion bhajis! And we've started them on curries with your chicken korma - fabulous!

Al and Nykki Murphy, Wymondham

Just cooked a Red Thai Curry for my birthday supper bought from you today at the Aldeburgh Food Festival - Absolutely delicious, thanks.

Kevin and Loraine Gregory, Suffolk

I bought Thai Green Curry & Onion Bhaji kits at the Aldeburgh Food Festival - both were easy to follow and tasted exceptional! Can't wait to order more!

Mary Eagle, Ipswich

cooked the chicken jalfrezi. was absolutely amazing!! will look for yiou at the next event in cambridge!!

S Khanna, Cambridge

Absolutely Delicious!Made me very popular for hosting dinner parties now! Easy to use and customer service is second to none Many thanks

Angela Reynolds, Essex

Hi Don,Love all your packs as usual,One of your biggest fans. keep up the great work.

John and Jacquie, Chelmsford,Essex

Vegetable Pakora Easy Mix Excellent mix, very easy to use - terrific results. Will definitely buy again.

Jo Oldham, Ipswich

I have now tried the whole Bhajiman range and have loved every one, particular favourites being Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma and both the Thai Curries and my advice is to buy these if you love authentic tasting foods. Simple to prepare simple to cook even easier to eat, i have shared these kits with all my family and we are now all Bhajiman advocates so much so we are having Bhajiman Curries as part of our New Years Eve celebrations this year - my advice is buy them try them and then share them with your friends and familythey will definetley thank you for introducing them to the Bhajiman Experience - Well done Don for some truly great products that make it so easy to produce fantastic tasting foods!!

Mark Smith, Caister on Sea

Just had Lamb Rogan Josh - exactly the right amount of heat, fabulous flavour - just as good as going out to an expensive indian restaurant!

Sue Caunt, Bucks

Thanks for your telephone call the other night; I have now cooked three of the meals and all are outstanding in flavour and taste. All the curries I have tried are every bit as good as the local take-away if not better and its great to make the meals yourself. I will be ordering some more when these are finished. Thanks Rob Coomber

Robert Coomber, Beccles

Hi Don and co, We picked up one of your Thai Red Curry kits at the Bury Christmas Market out of curiosity more than anything else (we're long-time fans of your bhaji and pakora mixes). As I regularly cook Indian/Asian food from scratch, I was really quite sceptical that a box with a few small bags of dry ingredients would be up to the job, but how wrong I was: the end result was right up there with the best Thai curries I've ever cooked (or had anywhere, for that matter), with a lovely depth of flavour that one rarely gets from ready-made pastes. I was particularly impressed at how the Kaffir Lime leaves reconstituted back to the texture of a fresh leaf just picked from a tree. Nice work!

Simon Ransome, Brome Suffolk

The Onion Bhaji kit is very simple to use and makes the very best Bhaji you will ever taste - ever! Many thanks I will order again as soon as I have polished off the last lot

Alexander Hurley, UK

We visited the stand at the greene king beer festival and brought the pakora and bahji mix. we were told about doing the pakora mix with seabass and i then emailed to get the recipe which was sent to me within 20 mins i cooked the seabass and it was the best way i had ever tasted it. Thanks

Lizzie Bright, Suffolk

Fantastic...... My husband now cooks on a Saturday night instead of getting a takeaway :). So simple to follow, with fantastic results. So far we have used the Bhaji and Pakora kits that we bought at Sandringham and have already ordered some more. We are definately Bhaji Man fans and are looking forward to working through the rest of the kits. x x

Janine W, Norwich

Just visited your stall at the chilli festival and have stocked up on all your wonderful curry kits.

Sue Jones, Southrepps

I first came across the Thai Green Curry at the Suffolk Show, after trying it and loving it I finally brought a kit at Heveningham hall. I cooked it for friends, we all agreed the flavours were fresh and the curry supurb. I have ordered more along with a few other things and looking forward to trying them.

Wendy, Stowmarket

Luckily we came across you at Wells carnival and tried your delicious onion bhaji, and to my delight, using your mix my lunch was a great sucess, stocking up next week end for more recipes. Thank you

Jayne Weston, Chessington

Tried everyone of the curry kits and each and every one turned out a delicious meal. Always get really good feed back from guests, as to who's recipe is this?? A big thank you in helping me to turn out some really good food.

Kate, Cambridge

I went to the Town and Country Fair in Cambridge and bought the Onion Bhaji Kit. We had it during Ramadan and it was fantastic. My family are from Bangladesh and have been in the curry restaurant business for over 40 years and this is the best bhaji mix I have ever eaten. I do think they cook better deep fried as thin patties

Kal Karim, Cambridge

Don, we came across your company a few years ago at Cressing Temple Barns, I dont like shop bought onion Bhaji's so when I tried yours was a bit apprehensive but they are delicious, I have just had friends for the weekend and they have already been on your website ready to place an order. My last order was thursday last week and I asked if it could be sent on the friday to be received in time for when my guests came for which I received a phone call from you to say you were sending it, I then received another call from you on Sunday to see if it had arrived, that is whatr I call fantastic customer service, I will be recommending you to all my friends and family. Many thanks.

Julie Kay, Sible Hedingham, Essex

We saw you at Wroxham Barns and bought some bits, just cooked the Vindaloo with Bombay potatoes and it was so good i just placed an order for some other curry kits to try them. Yummy Yummy

Jon Bailey, Billericay, Essex

We have enjoyed every single curry from your range (and we have now tried all that are available to us in Norwich)   We love the process of cooking whilst learning about different spices.  Your kits are all about spice and flavour and for the price of a mediocre jar of curry sauce you can have a wonderfull meal to feed 6people that everyone can be involved with cooking.   Its great to be able to make curries that are healthier and more flavorsome than a takeaway.   The Pork Vindaloo is great and has taught me that curries are not all about heat, but fantastic spices and flavours. We think your curries are the best around! It's great to be able to buy something that is all natural and not full of artificial flavourings and preservatives. 

Rob Morgsn, Norwich

Me and my husband had the Jalfrezi kit for dinner last week and it was absolutely delicious. We much prefer curry from scratch than in jars or ready-meals. The instructions were extremely easy to follow and resulted in a fresh, delicious chicken curry. It was a little too hot for me, but my husband likes heat so he reallllly loved it! I will definitely use your kits more often in the future. It was a pleasure to meet someone so passionate about fresh curry!

Shauna Tate, Thetford

We were introduced to the curry kits by a good friend and enjoyed them immenseley so much so that we have now purchased 10 of our own kits

Pat Bird, London

Absolutely delicious i would thoroughly recommend i'm so glad i found your website.

Trish, France

I must Recommend Mr Bhaji Man's Vindaloo Kit. The cooking process was so simple and the result was as good as the best restaurant Indian meal I've tasted. Excellent. Thanks Mr B.

Steve Vaughan, Jarrow Tyne & Wear

We bought our first products at the Knebworth show after talking to the lovely Mr Lear. We enjoyed them so much, we have ordered more direct from this website! The curry's are simple to cook, the instructions are easy to follow & the bhaji's are the best we've ever tasted. Thank you Bhaji Man - We look forward to trying the basmati rice!

Karen Hindle, Herts

WOW!! A We were introduced to BHAJI MAN while visiting the Wayland Show in Watton. We love the curry kits they are all very authentic


I was looking forward to making the chicken korma for the children and family and went out to buy the remaining ingredients. On my return the dog, Newton, had eaten the packet and contents. I am sure it was lovely. I'll let you know what he thinks of the entire curry once made!

Karen Hindle, Tivetshall St Mary

Once again a fantastic meal makes a great evening Thank you!

Angela Reynolds, Chelmsford,Essex

I was introduced to these curry packets by my mum who purchased them from the Cambridge Food Festival. They are simple to use yet taste like they are professionally cooked. I love all of them and get so many comments from my guests. They are full of flavor and you can even freeze them as they taste even better. Highly recommended even for the beginner cooks.

Lisa, St. Neots

I've been a lover of curries and spicy food all my life and when i spotted the Bhaji man at many different food markets I couldn't resist trying out some of his amazing flavours,and to be honest we've never looked back.The flavours are amazing and not hot either as you add your own heat for your own liking.We really like the onion bhaji mix as it has many uses, my wife is a private chef and she uses it with squid,sliced into rings coated in the bhaji mix then deep fried and served with a gralic mayo,and trust me the taste is amazing.you can also use it with many other foods experiment and you'll be amazed.Thank you so much for giving us these wonderful spices.

Simon Henry, Bury St Edmunds

These curry's are all wonderful, once you have tried the kits you will not return to other curry sauces! Again when you have cooked them a couple of times you know lonnger need to look at the instructions. They are very good value too, we love the pork vindaloo the best,the bhaji's are fantastic and the bombay pots too. All excellent, you need to try them I recommend them all the time to all.

Amelia Tricker, Great Horkesley, Colchester

we sampled some kits at the bury st edmunds xmas market and got the offer that day. a month later we cooked a meal for friends and it was divine, the pork vindaloo is not hot, but nice and spicy and the bombay pots! Mmmmm we will be ordering more, unless there's a stockist nearby! its so easy to cook

Yvonne & Kevin, Corby, Northants

Any chance of you making any new packs? Like chicken makani? I try making it myself but it never tastes the same.

Hannah, Aylsham Norfolk

We first encountered your wonderful products at the Knebworth fair, and have been buying them ever since. Now there is the new madras too, it's heaven on a plate!

Kim, Watford

Best onion bhajis we ever tasted and home made.... Brought at the Lavender Farm shop where we tasted them from Mr Bhajis own stall. Can't wait for the Mango chutney he promised me!!!!!

Annett, St Ives

We bought some kits at the Tendring100 show a few weeks ago. Tried the Pork Vindaloo kit last night and was very impressed, not too hot and you could taste the individual ingredients. Yummy, we'll be back for more!

Martin Russell, Ipswich

Cooked Chicken Jalfrezi for the second time last night - tasted fantastic. You rock Mr Bhaji Man!!!

P Hayward, Haverhill

tried the onion bajhi mix. They were awesome and so easy to make. Much better than shop bought and much tastier. Thanks Mr B!

Bev Peggy, Norwich

Hi Don,thanks for my order,weekend of bhaji's again,your products are the greatest,recommend to all my friends,been one of your customers for for a long time now,and will continue to be so,regards John @ Jacquie

John @ jacquie Branch, Chelmsford,Essex

Fantastic Products! Would happily recommend to anyone, Great idea to cook authentic food in the safety of your own kitchen, Look forward to seeing other tastes in the future

Kevin, Aylsham, Norfolk

Hi Bhajiman.I tried your Mummy's pukka chicken curry at the weekend.It was absolutely wonderful!So simple to cook and a real flavour sensation as you say.I look forward to when you begin production of your spice packs for this curry.

John Riggall, Tilehurst, Reading

We met Bhaji man and tasted the Lamb Rogn Josh that he had cooked at a demo, we loved it and purchased the kit. To be honest we never expected it to taste as good cooking it at home..... We were so wrong! It's really really nice and easy to cook. 10 out of 10.

Robin, Brandon

absolutley brilliant, first class meals,you will not ever again use a take away.Brilliant to reheat when we use the caravan.

D. Hammond, Chichester

Tried a kit after a demo and was amazed by the results - some of the best curry I've had (and certainly the best I've ever cooked!). Bhajis are awesome as well. MORE!

Q, Norwich

Best Currys I have ever had. I have made the Korma, and Massala Kits and my friend made the Josh kit. Fantastic in every way. And it's true, best Bhaji Mix in the world!!!

Gary Nicholson, Norwich

Until I met Don The Bhaji Man my idea of a good curry was that it must burn your lips and taste ultra spicey. I am now a total convert... the taste, aroma, sight, pleasure and satisfaction of creating these wonderful meals at home is fantastic. I now have a new hobby, saving money and enjoying superb meals with my wife ...till now a non curry fan. Try these products and get the REAL CURRY EXPERIENCE.

Charles, Mendlesham Green

We just love the Thai green curry kit, having tried it probably 10 times it never gets old! It's a great tasting dish that's easy to cook. We managed to cook for 12 and all of our guests loved it. Go on give it try!!!

Robin, Brandon

Crisp and not greasy... My Mother invited 16 Guests for Sunday lunch and we started the day with midday drinks and cooking the Bhajiman Onion Bhajis Mix, all our guests were pleasantly surprised of the taste, the texture and the balanced tastes of spices and the crispness of the Bhajis compared to the ones sold in the supermarkets. My Mum's comments were it was easy to prepare, crisp and not greasy. We certainly will be using your Bhajiman Magic mix for our Lunch and Dinner parties.

Sandrasegaram Family, Hertfordshire

Tastiest onion bhajis we have ever had... This bhaji mix makes the tastiest onion bhajis we have ever had. We are all addicted to them. Can't wait to try the Pakora mix.

Paul and Annalee Clarke, UK

I produced first-class bhajis first time... "Fantastic! I am no chef, but I produced first-class bhajis first time. I am sending packets of the mix to friends and family. Bring on the Pakora mix!"

Dr M. Signey, Wymondham


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