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Zoe King, Watton, Norfolk

I worked with Bhaji Man a few years ago and it was an absolute pleasure to get up and go to work each day, what a great man he is! Before I had met Don I was a regular at our local curry house on a Friday evening and would order a double portion of onion bhajis each time. Well what can I say? Once you have tasted a Bhaji Man curry you will never go back to take away. I have not once had an Indian take away since, but I have ordered some of those “irresistible” onion bhajis I so used to love. I sat down to eat them and strait away I could feel how heavy & dense they were; the first bite was horrendous, the second was even worse. NEVER AGAIN! I have well and truly learnt my lesson and I will not be sneaking any of that junk food again, unless I plan on being heavily disappointed. Bhaji mans curry kits are so simple and easy to use. There is nothing better than a truly authentic Indian dish! I would highly recommend these spice kits and definitely advise everyone to grab a sachet of onion bhaji and pakora mix too! Don Lear, It was an absolute pleasure working for you and thank you for showing me how to cook and truly enjoy my Indian meals, Those nasty take away menus have been put strait in the bin!

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