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Bhaji Man – Health Benefits of Curry Dishes

May 2021:

What is a curry

‘Curry’ is a term used to describe most food of South Asian origin. These dishes range in taste and can be yummy and fun to hot and fiery. Many of these dishes may contain meat, fish or shellfish when cooked. In addition, many of these dishes are also meat-free and can contain beans, pulses, or vegetables.

What goes into a curry

These dishes use a blend of herbs and spices to give each its own unique taste. Many are regional and use specific spices to create the dish e.g., Rogan Josh or Pork Vindaloo.

These herbs and spices come in a variety of forms, whole, ground, fresh and dried. A few dishes will use these in the preparation of the dish. While in many, the herbs and spices will go into the cooking process of the dish.

What makes a curry healthy

There are many spices listed from A to Z produced around the world. Many of which are used in cooking curry dishes. All these spices carry a wealth of health benefits. From this vast list, three spices stand out as the most used. These being coriander, cumin, and turmeric. All known to have positive health values on our bodies.

These benefits include: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal agent, improves cardiovascular health, weight management, cholesterol control, source of iron, may help with skin conditions. These are just some of the many benefits.

Why Bhaji Man curries are healthy

Bhaji Man gets us cooking great tasting curries from scratch. The hard work of measuring each spice to precise amounts and the timings of when to add to the dish is all done for you.

Our curry spice kits use a variety of spices. Across our range of dishes, we use over 25 different spices. Each having their own unique health benefit. In addition to the spices, our curry dishes use various aromatics. These provide unique health benefits, including minerals and vitamins.

It’s plain to see, when cooking our curry dishes from scratch there is an array of health benefits. The use of fresh ingredients and spices and your choice of a healthy oil all adds up to a healthy and delicious dish.

All our curries are also Gluten free, No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and No added salt.

Check out our range of products.

So, the myth that curries are unhealthy are just that… a myth.


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